• Mercury Free
  • Variety of Mounting Styles
  • Variety of Circuit Configurations
  • Easy Installation
  • Differential in One Float
  • Replaces Diaphragm and Mercury Switches
  • Also available in Pipe Mounted

The Eco-Float is a mercury-free float switch for controlling liquid levels in a variety of applications. A snap-action switch is activated by a steel ball rolling back and forth within a switching tube in a plastic float housing. There is a minimum differential between "on" and "off" of approximately 3.5 inches. Greater differentials can be achieved when the pipe mounted or externally weighted mounting styles are used. Various lengths of cable and circuit configurations are available and in stock.

The Eco-Float can be used in a variety of liquid level monitoring applications including sumps, sewage ejectors, septic tanks, vaults, lift stations and tanks. Eco-Floats are ruggedly constructed of corrosion resistant materials, enabling them to be used in a variety of different liquids. Some applications are subject to additional requirements described in the National Electric Code.

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