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Series LR liquid level transmitters consist of two electrical connected units.

1) A differential pressure transducer.  This unit senses the head of the column of liquid and converts it into a proportional electrical signal.

2) An electronic circuit board.  This unit provides the electrical excitation for the transducer and coverts the signal into an appropriately scaled and offset current.

The transducer and the circuit board are connected via a cable, which is permanently affixed to the transducer.  The transducer is referenced to the pressure of the atmosphere through a polyethylene tube contained within the cable.

In addition to the basic units, specific models may be equipped with factory-installed analog or digital metering devices.  The meter device may be an open, stank alone unit, or it may be mounted on the circuit board itself, on the cover of the electrical enclosure, behind a window in the cover of the enclosure or otherwise.


Monitoring of inventories in tanks of all sizes, natural and man-made reservoirs in storage basins used for the protection of irrigation.

Monitor draw-down in wells, seasonal fluctuation in water table and stream levels for flood warning and control and for the study of tides.

Being used in conjunction with computational circuits to measure the flow rate and accumulated flow though open channel metering devices, such as flumes and weirs.

In addition to providing a readily metered voltage or current proportional to the level of a liquid these devices are also readily used in conjunction with variable speed pump drives as require in various process industries.